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Part Number:PSI12-04-010-ALUM-LM
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Poison Spyder Crusher Corners™ are built for the off-road enthusiast who likes to play in the big rocks. Crusher Corners™ are a key component in avoiding body damage to your Jeep. Choose from our Standard, Stock or Comp Cut™ or Modified Crusher Corners™ to fit your crawler's unique needs. Poison Spyder Crusher Corners are laser cut from high strength 3/16" plate steel then carefully roll-formed for a perfect fit to your Jeep's body lines. All of the bolt holes are countersunk, and the supplied stainless steel flat head cap screws yield a smooth, flat surface to slide over rocks.

For the ultimate in corner protection and hard core looks, add the optional weld-on Crusher Flares™ to your Crusher Corners™. Crusher Flares™ are fabricated from 1.5" x .120 wall DOM tubing with a precision-formed 1/8" plate steel fender. Standard Width Crusher Flares™ extend approximately 3" outboard to provide extra body protection and a surface to slide along rocks and trees on tight trails. The Standard Width Crusher Flares™ match the factory flare tire coverage to help you stay legal in those areas where flares are required by law. Full Width Crusher Flares™ extend approximately 6" outboard to provide extra coverage for Jeeps with wider tires, full width axles or wheel spacers. Weld-On Crusher Flares™ are also available separately, to retrofit your existing Crusher Corners™, home-built or other manufacturers' corner guards.

Bolt-On Crusher Flares™ Can be bolted on to Jeeps with existing Crusher Corners™ or other manufacturers' corner protectors. They have a CNC-laser cut full mounting plate (not just a few tabs) with countersunk bolt holes for the included stainless steel flat head cap screws. The bolt pattern matches the stock TJ flare bolt pattern—drilling will be required if your existing corners do not already have this bolt pattern. Bolt-on Crusher Flares™ are a great addition to Poison Spyder aluminum Crusher Corners™, where a weld-on flare is not available.

Aluminum Crusher Corners™ Now Available!
Crusher Corners™ are now available crafted from high strength, lightweight 3/16" 6061-T6 aluminum. The aluminum Crusher Corners™ provide great protection from side and corner impacts to your Jeep, but they will save you up to 50 pounds in weight. Just like our steel Crusher Corners™, the aluminum ones are CNC laser-cut and formed for a precise fit. Aluminum Crusher Corners™ may be painted, powdercoated, polished or left as raw aluminum with no risk of corrosion other than light surface oxidation over time. The aluminum Crusher Corners™ are not available with integrated Crusher Flares™, however we will soon have a bolt-on steel Crusher Flare™ kit available that will look and function perfectly with the aluminum Crusher Corners™.

Crusher Corners™ come with or without Crusher Flares™, and in four different styles for most Jeep models:

  • STOCK Crusher Corners™ include the factory wheel and fuel filler opening, plus mounting holes for all factory equipment, including factory flares, tail light, tire carrier (iff applicable), license plate frame, etc.