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Comp Cut Rear Weld-On Crusher Flare - Standard Width

Comp Cut Rear Weld-On Crusher Flare - Standard Width

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Part Number:PSI14-05-030-LM
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Poison Spyder's Crusher Flares™
 are an all-steel, sturdy addition to your Jeep that will withstand the toughest abuse the trail can deliver. Stock or aftermarket plastic flares will crumble under hard abuse. Fabricated from 1.5" X .120 wall DOM tubing and CNC laser cut 1/8" plate steel, Crusher Flares™ can handle the punishment inflicted by rocks, trees, or even other Jeeps! And they not only withstand their own damage, but they also help to protect the rest of the Jeep's body side but keeping it a safe distance from the obstacle. 

Comp Cut Crusher Flares™ are designed to fit Poison Spyder's Comp Cut™ Crusher Corners™ for all models, or your home-made or other manufacturers' comp-cut corner protectors. Comp Cut™ Crusher Flares™ come in 3" flare width only.

Weld-On Crusher Flares™ are designed to be welded on to your existing steel Poison Spyder Crusher Corners™ or your home-made or other manufacturer's heavy duty steel corner protector. It is not recommended to weld them directly to the Jeep's body sheetmetal, but rather to a corner protector of at least 1/8" thickness is required, with 3/16" recommended. If ordering steel Crusher Corners™ and Crusher Flares™ at the same time, do not order the Crusher Flares™ separately—choose the Crusher Corners™ WITH Crusher Flares™, and they come with the Crusher Flares™ already welded on.

This product ships as bare steel—it will need to be painted or powder coated prior to final installation. We do not offer a powder coat option for this item.