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All products sold on this website are intend to promote an inherently dangerous sport. ZOR products are intended to be used in off road controlled environments only. The user, purchaser or installer accepts that ZuksOffRoad has zero liability for any type of damage caused by ZuksOffRoad products or sub vendors products sold on the zuksoffroad.com store.  Installing any ZOR product  makes it nonreturnable so the ZOR policy is ALL SALES FINAL. MY doesn't like restocking charges but is usually willing to work something out. Items damaged in shipping are handled on a case by case basis between MY and purchaser. We have repaired ZOR damaged products many years after the sale and through the changing of owners. The only implied warranty offered by ZOR is, "if our weld breaks for whatever reason we will repair that broken weld when product is returned to original manufacturer." But seriously talk with MY, he is a problem fixer. 

We usually pay shipping from our shop back to you on a repair but not to get it into us.