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MY-TURBO for Suzuki Samurai 1.3 usIng Harley CV Carb.

Part Number 1-111MT
MY-TURBO for Suzuki Samurai 1.3 usIng Harley CV Carb.
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Retail Price:  $1,699.00
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Modify my carb for Turbo
YES [+$50.00]
1.3 replacement oil pan and gasket*
Yes [+$129.00]
No, I can damn well, weld a nipple into an oil pan and not screw the pooch!
THIS IS A CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER PRODUCT next batch in progress. 
We have 5 left to sell. Order now, it will be shipped before end of June 
NEXT 5 serial numbers  036, 037, 038, 039, and 040 have promo code
Put anything from gears to engines in cart at time of purchase and get 10% off entire order.

DUE to HIGH DEMAND ON THIS PRODUCT We are processing Turbo kit orders in batches. The nearly finished batc
h will complete all of  the back orders.  For faster delivery schedule surcharge or if a previous MY-Side customer, call for a discount.  An economically PROVEN way to gain the horse power on a 1.3 to have hiway speed fun in your Samurai like NEVER before. Now offering a complete turbo kit for the many thousands of ZOR MY-Side loyal fans and DIY CV customers. 

Features of the MY-Turbo kit are minimal welding required to finalize the over sized Turbo exhaust down tube into your existing exhaust tubing. Oil pan must be removed and a provided bung welded in, unless you purchase upgrade option with oil pan drain ready. 

MY-TURBO Kit includes:
New KO3 turbo
Charge tubes and Couplers parts kit
Oil drain hose parts kit from turbo into oil pan T3/KO3 custom modified
Oil pressure feed line hose parts kit into turbo T3/KO3 custom modified
Exhaust Log and exhaust manifold gasket (Our high quality 1/2" thick low carbon steel ZOR turbo flange is made to resist warping)
Waste Gate (part of KO3)
Blow off valve
Heat shields for spark plug cables
Heat wrap for Turbo down tube
Pitot tube and hose kit 
Electric Fuel Pump with high pressure hoses and fittings. Mounting platform included.
Boost controlled Fuel Pressure Regulator with Pressure Guage
Intake tubing, couplers and clamps
Instructions and tech support unrivaled in the industry

Kit DOES NOT include:
In cab on the fly boost controllers or in cab gauges of any kind. A good A/F ratio meter is certainly helpful in tuning in correctly. 
Spark plugs or spark plug wires.
Specific joining coupler/flange to weld to turbo exhaust into your current exhaust system. 

MY will also offer a flat $50 charge fee for getting your CV Harley Carb ready for turboing. Just send it in while your kit is being built or have the new carb modified for turbo. You can select that option now for the Carb order BUT be advised a turbo modified carb will not run normally aspirated any longer

WARNING: ZOR is not responsible for any boost above 5-6 lbs as this is a boost adjustable system. No warranty is implied, or any damage your engine occurs by horse power bolt on products being installed.   Never install a turbo on a brand new engine. Yes we have been pre selling turbo motors in anticipation of this product. Make sure you have 1000 miles minimum on any engine prior to turboing. This turbo kit is specifically for turboing  ONLY the 1.3 with ZuksOffRoads MY-SIDE kits. The MY-Side kits were always manufactured to be turboed. Unlike DIY kits and CV copies using plastic parts, all the ZOR aluminum air rings were designed for turbo. A weak head gasket will not hold up long to boosting. For $100 more we can provide you with a solid copper head gasket. NO WARRANTY IS APPLIED TO THIS PRODUCT OR TO WHATEVER IT IS ATTACHED TO. Now that has been said. MY says he has never had so much fun wheeling his rig since the Turbo. 

$60 core charge returned to you when you send in a 1.3 good oil pan. If the pan has chips or external damage there will be no core refund. Please send in only good oil pan core of using our oil pan drain service. 

ZOR is making just turbo exhaust manifolds, oil pan drain and universal drain kits coming soon in the Turbo Section. Instructions on our proprietary details on modifying the CV carb will not be easily obtainable. In the past we have been taken advantage of by other copy cat companies. SO this product will require direct tech from MY on making your Samurai 1.3 go zoom zoom in the fast lane or leap up obstacles with torque a 1.6 doesn't have. 
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