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Polyurathane Spring Bushing - Aftermarket Style

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Part Number:CHS-4111

Suzuki Samurai Polyurethane Aftermarket Spring Bushings from Petroworks.

The stock bushings used on the Samurai are made with rubber.  After 20+ years of use these bushings become worn, cracked, dry rotted causing the car to have

handling and driveability issues.  If installing aftermarket shackles it is highly recommended to install Aftermarket bushings.

1 Kit contains enough bushings to do 1 complete end of your car (all front or all rear).

Use the OEM style if you are using stock shackles (CHS-4110).


1 set has enough bushings to replace 1 end of the car (Springs small eye, large eye, and small frame bushings)

To do the entire car you need to purchase 2 sets.

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