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Rock Assult Front Axle Housing

Part Number 140274-1-KIT-TG
Rock Assult Front Axle Housing
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Short-Side Shaft

Trail-Gear is proud to introduce the newest addition to the Rock Assault™ Axle Housing family, our Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing. This exclusive axle design is the first in the industry to be released with all new parts. That's right, our axle housing is not made with 30-year-old used knuckle balls. Our knuckle balls are forged from 1035 steel, making them much stronger than stock, eliminating closed or bent knuckle balls.

The axle tubes have been offset above the housing centerline, so the inner axles ride near the bottom of the axle tubes rather than in the center. The result is an increase of 3/8" in ground clearance under the axle tubes. The axle tubes are made from 5/16" thick 1020 DOM tubing with an outer diameter of 3". The short side of the axle tube has been lengthened by 3", making the axle IFS width, so there is no need to run wheel spacers. A 27 or 30 spline short side chromoly axle shaft will be supplied with the axle housing.

The heavy-duty, press formed, 1/4" plate steel center section is shaved to give you 3/4" of additional ground clearance under the differential. The differential mounting surface is made from 1/2" plate steel to ensure studs can not pull out, even under heavy loads. Our housings are precision alignment checked using state-of-the-art, 3D digital imaging equipment to ensure that all Rock Assault™ Axle Housings are 100% straight and true.

The Rock Assault™ Front Axle Housing will come in your choice of bare tubes, with spring perches installed, or 3-link ready with a panhard bracket included. For an additional charge we can install an inspection cap making inspecting your front ring and pinion a breeze. Axle housing is shipped unpainted and lightly oiled to prevent rust during shipping and storage.

59" from WMS to WMS.

Note: For an additional $79, we will install the inspection hole kit in the location shown.

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