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Poison Spyder raises the bar for Jeep fender armor—DeFenders™ are the next evolutionary step beyond "tube fenders". CNC laser cutting and precision brake-forming yield a stronger, more functional, better-looking fender than the tired, out-dated tube fender design. DeFenders™ provide protection to your Jeep during hard core trail use as well as increased clearance for larger tires and suspension articulation. The wheel opening is approximately 4" wider than the stock Jeep fenders, and about 3" wider than old school tube fenders.

Zero Flare
Zero Flare DeFenders™ match the exterior dimensions of the Jeep's stock sheetmetal fender (not including the stock plastic flare). It has a straight edge continuing forward from the rear edge of the DeFender™ The Zero Flare makes a great match with non-flared Crusher Corners in the rear, to provide full-wrap armor protection without protruding beyond the edges of the Jeep's tub.