ZOR 17/14 bolt SUPER CRADLE t-case mounting system

ZOR 17/14 bolt SUPER CRADLE t-case mounting system

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The best steel t-case cradle ever designed! Aluminum fatigues, don't get stuck on the trail with broken buckets!


This product is a COMPLETE t-case mounting system. No extra mounts or hinges to purchase.  Backed up by the best reputation in the Suzuki community. We have these in stock nearly all the time, however sometimes we get behind. Call MY before you order if a week or two is gonna be an issue.

The ZOR SUPER SNATCH t-case cradle is by far the world's most protective roll cage for your t-case.

Gives your t-case a warm, fuzzy and secure feeling by wrapping around the t-case and being secured with either 17 OR 14 t-case bolts.

Eliminates the factory 3 t-case rubber blocks and aftermarket gadgetry that can break or pull through the frame. The main cradle has 4 poly horizontal mounts using four  1/2" thick bolts. Basically the same mounts your suspension uses to hold the entire vehicle up. We were first and still the only direct to public wholesale manufacturer  to  solidly mount to frame and then transfer the cradle rotational energy into 4 corners.  Any other rubber or solid block to frame system requiring spines or buckets is caveman technology in comparison. 

 This is the most recommended cradle by Suzuki people. If you have or plan on installing lower gears or any bolt on accessories to the rear output shaft. Allows the room to fit the SJ-410 drum emergency brake, the after-market disc emergency brake or the after-market rear drive shaft disconnect.

Price includes the "RIB" and the "HIP" brackets that mount directly to the OEM mounting locations. This is a "bolt in" answer to all your t-case issues.  Moderately easy to install and remove once the t-case is secured in the cradle. Places the t-case in the correct factory position. 

Can easily be adapted to tube chassis buggies. 


Full installation instructions and all mounting hardware is included.


This unit is shipped bare naked metal ONLY! Use Rustoleum "Hammered" paint for the best finish. 

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