ZOR Deluxe Escort and Super Deluxe Escort for Samurai Customized YJ Suspension Systems
Does a level hood prove a superior design? We think so!

ZOR Deluxe Escort and Super Deluxe Escort for Samurai Customized YJ Suspension Systems

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Choose Options

MUST SELECT ONE-YJ SUSPENSION KIT VERSION if ordering springs below your choice should match
SPUA (Spring Under Axle) YJ springs not included
SPOA (Spring Over Axle) YJ springs not included
MUST SELECT ONE-Shock Selection
Doestech shocks work very well, I will take them
Super Deluxe Rancho Adjustable shocks are what I want [+$347.00]
No Thanks! I got that covered
TWO Basic 28 Degree Rotational drive shafts front and rear 1310 u-joints [+$675.00]
ONE Front Basic 1310 drive shaft with 42DR at t-case and 28DR at differential. ONE Rear 42DR ZOR drive shaft both ends [+$1,000.00]
TWO Super Deluxe drive shafts, front and Rear 42DR at t-case and differential flanges [+$1,150.00]
Axle Type
Samurai OR Dana Axle (nothing else needed)
CrownYJ6 full set of YJ springs and the best bushings made.
Super Deluxe SPOA (Spring Over Axle) Room for 33" tire serious wheeling [+$560.00]
Super Deluxe SPUA (Spring Under Axle) Yes these will work and net you about 3" of soft flexy lift. to clear up to 30" for moderate wheeling [+$560.00]
2" Arched "Dakar" YJ springs from OME
Rancho Suspension full set 3.5" Arched YJ springs with the best bushings
Super Deluxe SPOA (Spring Over Axle) Room for 35" tire (not a good idea but doable) [+$560.00]
Super Deluxe SPUA (Spring Under Axle) Yes these will work and net you about 3.5" of soft flexy lift. [+$650.00]
Samurai w/Toyota axle & ASTRO steering upgrade
Upgrade Suzuki axle OTT to Toyota axle OTT steering system for stock Toyota axle knuckles. [+$137.00]
Astro Van power steering box conversion plates. Included when you click

The Ultimate YJ kit for Suzuki Samurai SJ413 frames.
 Our most requested suspension is YJ and for good reason.  It is "The Cadillac" of suspensions for the Samurai. From high speed whoops to slow technical crawling in the rocks or mall, its rated the smoothest ride available using springs. This kit works with all the YJ springs in any leaf count or “pack” configuration front or back. This kit simply blows away all previous articulation numbers of the past when using MY’s favorite spring, the CROWN YJ6. A 6 pack spring that has no rival for soft and flexy ride.*

YJs are recommended as the best option for SPOA fabricators and customers wanting to clear some big tires. Escort is a SAFE and PROVEN system. For the budget minded YJ springs are usually thrown away or sold cheap at local off road shops doing lifts for Wranglers.  

Description of parts included in the ESCORT package before you add options. 

  • Uses Suzuki axles in both SPOA or SPUA configurations. Uses Toyota axles without having to move upper Toyota front perch locations in 3/4” to match Samurai width. Kit comes with steel spacers to use the wider Toyota axles without expensive add on kits or extensive modifications. Install Suzuki axles now and switch to Toyota axles later. No changes to frame mounts required. Just relocate spacer to other side of spring eye bolts. Gain or reduce 3/4” of spring  center to center width, simple and easy. No welding or cutting on Samurai later IF you change axles. Square Toyota U-bolts required for front passenger side. 
  • Heavy duty OTT (over the top of the spring steering) with thick wall tubing and FJ80 balljoints for the utmost in trail survival. Big balljoints eliminate those small toyota car balljoint failures. The driver and passenger thick cast steel steering arms can handle any power steering. Steering arms are securely fastened through the brake calipers. The taper tool to install FJ80 joints (portable electric/battery drill required).
  • 4 Lower ZOR shock mounts with the replaceable shock stud.
  • 4 Doestech shocks (two 8000 model with invisible bump stop and two 3000 model)
  • Rear upper shock slant bar for more rear axle articulation (optional to use as terrains differ).
  • ZOR front upper shock hoop kit for the ultimate in frame support, the most adjustable upper front shock mount location and the proper angle for your application. 
  • ZOR Complete  YJ bracket kit. Front is ML with a PinSystem to prevent unloading on steep climbs. Rear is extended shackle and rear shoe dropped for best ride and most articulation available. 
  • 4 Drive shaft spacers depending on your options sizes vary. 
  • Bushing kits for both front and rear frame mounts.
  • Extended brake lines for your model year Samurai.
  • ZOR universal  low profile perches for welding on top of axle to attain a SPOA set up and a complete set of new Heavy Duty U-bolt kits for both axles.
  • ZOR Astrovan power steering box to Samurai frame mounting plates, for when you get serious about a front locker. You must select this at time of order when building your system!

Not included But optional:
  1. Driveshafts 
  2. YJ springs or spring bushings
Samurai drive shafts have always been the number one problem for lifted Samurai owners. If you use the small samurai u-joint with drive shaft spacers or longer female tubes  you are  going to have problems and it will be ugly out on the trail. the small factory u-joints are being tortured by what we make them do. There are lots of companies out there making 28 degree rotational drive shafts with 1310 aka Chevy 1/2 ton u-joints. I am the only company offering a 42 degree rotational drive shaft but this YJ kit will work with the 28 in most applications. Putting arched springs on top of your axles is not recommended. But if you do it you will need the 42 degree shafts.

SPOA or SPUA The choice is yours. 

For those wanting the best ride but not to much lift a SPUA using the Crowns and the Escort brackets will achieve accomplish that. Plenty of room for 30”  tires. 

A SPUA with 6” of lift uses Rancho Suspension YJ arched springs and keeps the car low while still making room for 31”tires. So low in fact that OTT is not required YET we still provide the parts to make a HEAVY DUTY custom FJ80 steering system that out beefs the competition. For the wild and crazy man the 3" Arched can be done SPOA for big lifts and tires. 

A SPOA application uses The CrownYJ6 pack leaf normal lift spring. This spring allows complete suspension tuning by removing leafs to prevent drooping or sagging associated with weaker worn out springs. For a small lift for smaller tires and incredible ride comfort Crowns can be used in SPUA applications.  ZOR has the right parts for your rig building dreams!

Shock Upgrades? Your choice. Doestech is the industry standard for safety and comfort when using a soft flexy YJ suspension. That is why they are included in the kit along with ZOR mounting points. The optional upgrade is the selectable dampening and rebound Rancho 9000. This high end shock is for the driver that will feel its not right, stop and adjust the rear, the front or both with a dial on the shock body to improve the ride on that terrain. 

Shock mounts should be changed to run bigger better long travel shocks that work. ZOR shock mounts have no equal for design and quality. 

*If you get a chance turn a YJ spring upside down on a hard surface and with some help to balance step up on a YJ. Bouncy!  That is why a good shock is needed to control that bounce. All 2" springs whether factory or aftermarket could never rate higher than a 4.5 ride quality. They have to be stiffer. It is because of the wider 2.5" spring eyes and 6-7"longer between eyes that require YJ kits to adapt YJ springs to the Samurai.

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