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ZOR MY-SIDE 2 CV Carb kit w/intake

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Part Number:1-101MS2

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Rubber intake boot for which size carb?
40 mm (carb not included)
44 mm (carb not included)
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We try unsuccessfully to keep these high performance kits in stock. They are VERY popular. Usually there are none or only a few left fro the previous batch and then we start making more. 

MY-SIDE2 has faster revving, higher WOT speeds and zippy attributes! This is the one to go with if you are on the fence about the MY-Turbo kit.  Both ZOR CV kits have similar performance under boost. So a "no turbo for me" decision makes this kit your best choice. Should you change your need for speed down the road, MS2 can be adapted to MY-TURBO and rock your world. 

MY-SIDE2 makes the 1.3 & 1.6 come alive. Rapid acceleration and quicker throttle response. Improve mpgs and doesn't stall at angles.  The best money you can spend on your rig! This is a complete 1.3 intake that can be bolted to a 1.6 8 valve head. There are more parts required to convert a efi engine over to CV that are not included in the kit. 


You must accept the core charge $70 to process your online order.  The entire $70 will be refunded in full when you send us a usable 1.3 carbed intake manifold. 

MY-SIDE2 kit includes what you need to get zooming at the absolute best value for your dollar. The complete ZOR/CV long choke cable assembly and correct 40 mm or 44 mm rubber boots, air filters to pressure regulators. The kit also includes the aluminum water heated billet block married to a highly modified 1.3 intake. Our heavy duty brackets for supporting the carb and the air ring adapter in the most difficult terrain. The intake gasket, hoses & clamps, its all here, ready to add an optional CV carb.

The MY-SIDE2 intake is specially milled and a water heated billet block is one of many unique features that make this special manifold adapted to CV so famous. This system can be adapted to a snorkel system. 

MY-SIDE2 kit includes everything except the side draft carb. Used carbs are readily available in the $70 to $150 range on Ebay or your local biker shops. You use the HD 40mm or 44mm CV carb from 1996 to 2006 with this kit*. The instructions include simple and straightforward "how to" steps to modify the carb and choke cable assembly for this application.

NOT INCLUDED: any electrical pump hardware when using with a 1.6 8v head.
Using an e-pump you need a e-pump. 
Mr. Gasket 1-4 psi pump or equivalent.
NAPA 3040 Return line filter.
Return line valve (if needed).
Electrical wire, connectors.

* Sold as OFF-ROAD ONLY! No claims are being made that the MY-SIDE2 will pass emissions in any jurisdiction requiring emissions certification!

NOTE: Body lifts where the body is higher off the frame than OEM may require that the installer re-routes/modifies the supplied air filter and connection to the CV carb.



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