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Grey Leather in Popcorn RIg
Grey Leather in Popcorn RIg

ZOR Seat Swap-the BEST SUPER COMFY brand new T&C seats (both driver and passenger)

On sale $589.50
Retail Price:$3,399.00
Your Savings:$2,809.50(83%)
Part Number:1-220

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Pedestal Option
When you do not have Samurai Sliders the Z Brackets mount to floor and the seats bolt in easily (no hardware provided) [+$40.00]
Limited Supply ETA is 2-3 weeks 


FREE Shipping to the lower 48 states.

 These are the best seat conversions for the Suzuki Samurai. These high quality suspension seats make your current leaf spring or coil suspension feel like a better quality ride. You can try these out at your local Chrysler Town/Country mini van back seats with armrests. Price quoted is for 1 pair of seats! Both driver and passenger seats for one low price.  The ZOR bar bridges (aka H brackets) that bolt onto your Samurai OEM sliders are included with the purchase of a pair of seats. OR they can be purchased separately if you are fortunate enough to find a set in junk yards. Installing is super easy to do with our H adapter or pedestal kits.

NOTE: Chrysler considers their high end seats as Leather. The inserts will include some type of leather but the edges are the more durable leatherette vinyl backed material. These are NOT 100% leather seats but go ahead ask any Chrysler dealer how much each seat sells for, it will amaze you to hear over $3,000 for a pair. 

HEATERS: Optional built in heaters from Chrysler do not come with the switches or wiring to make heaters work. Heaters for seats are super easy to  wire up. See ZORum for details. Any Chrysler seats can have seat heater kits installed using the kit from Amazon. 

Our supplier does handicap conversion on high end mini vans. Seats are brand new but may have a small scuff(s) from removal. We are very picky when selecting for our customers.  These are considered genuine leather with vinyl outters and are extremely durable and easy to clean. Your talking about a product here that has 100% of our customers out there showing people this is the best seat swap ever for our Suzuki Samurai rigs. 

ZORum has all the info on how to obtain switches and wire up the optional heating pads available from Amazon. If you can unsnap a bra you can install heaters in any of these seats. They can be completely unskinned, optional heaters laid in and skins put back on.

The reviews from customers are all over the Internet as the most SUPER COMFORTABLE SEAT SWAP on the planet. The cool factor of the seat folding into a cube is nothing compared to how these work for the big and tall Suzuki Enthusiast. No seat has ever moved back so far so easily for you big guys.

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