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ZOR Siamese Twin Sticks for Samurai divorced t-case
cups, trigger, pre bent sticks welded on and twin dust boot

ZOR Siamese Twin Sticks for Samurai divorced t-case

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ZOR twin stick kit with one lower boot at $176 ONLY [+$176.00]
ZOR Stainless steel shift pattern plate ONLY [+$24.00]
SAMURAI T-Case seals & gasket set (3 seals and two gaskets) To get this price MUST be ordered at same time as stick purchase! [+$26.00]
ZOR twin stick interior cabin boot ONLY [+$24.00]
ZOR twin lower dust boot ONLY [+$29.00]
Stick Choices
TALLER BODY LIFT EXTENDED STICKS 3" (Sticks welded on ready to paint) [+$9.00]

ZOR "SIAMESE TWINS" SAMURAI T-CASE TWIN STICK $176 With 1 lower dust boot.

2 low driving makes trails more enjoyable!
Less wear and tear on front drive train!
Locked out neutral for safer towing! 
Easier to locate gear selection than a twisted up funky H pattern!

Select the $176 twin stick box than select options.  

The Vinyl Interior Cab Two Hole Boot (can be used with the factory T-case single boot plate). 
The Stainless Steel Shift Pattern Plate
Standard OR Taller Sticks

This product utilizes a drop and lock design unlike anything seen before.  Center detent ball must be removed by installer to prepare your t-case for using this product. ZOR developed another great product that works with both pattern size flanges on 84-85 SJ410 and the 86-95 SJ413. Simply drop in the bottom locking piece rotate it under the pins and screw the oil sealing cup in with provided allens. Requires an allen wrench to secure and release the lock. 

The lower dust boot is a two hole boot patterned after a Samurai factory boot. It requires the use of the factory clip or zip tie to hold it on. The ZOR lower dust boot probably will not work on any other twin stick product not manufactured by ZORLower boot part number can be purchased separately. No warranty on boot with out purchase of ZOR Siamese Twin Stick kit.

WARNING!  The Samurai t-case may need to be disassembled if:
  • The center detent ball has not previously  been removed. Removing enter detent ball may require gasket and seal replacement. 
  • A rod or fork has been notched

Sidekick/Tracker  Siamese Twins with a similar unique "Drop and Lock" feature are part number 2-777

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