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ZOR recommended great quality clutch kit for 1.3

ZOR recommended great quality clutch kit for 1.3

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THE ONLY non puck clutch recommended by ZOR if you are running a 1986-1995 1.3 samurai transmission behind 1.3, 1.6, 2.0, 2.3 OR TURBO engines! Stock clutches from AISIN are by far the very best clutches for the Samurai 1.3 engine. This "Factory Spec Reproduction" is every bit as good, silent, easy to push like the original factory pressure plate.

This set up is just right for Suzuki Samurai's  normal sized tires OR larger 28-29" tires with the 4:16 T-CASE Gears. 30-31" tires with 4:9 T-CASE Gears or 31"-33" tires with 6:4/6:5 gears.

This Stage 1 clutch has all the features you would demand from a high quality clutch - at a price that is affordable. No increase in pedal pressure vs. stock Samurai clutch.  This complete kit includes everything you need. Clutch pressure plate, clutch disc, throw-out bearing of correct height so as to not rub or whine, pilot bearing and clutch alignment tool. NOTE: Poor quality clutches are every from Ebay to Amazon. Some names brand clutches are being counterfeited with pressure plates that have to high a tang or six small springs. Throw out bearings with nylon inner sleeve instead of steel. Poor fitting pilot bearings. Eliminate future problems with a clutch designed to real factory specs.


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