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ZOR/Gates Rebuilt Samurai transmission

ZOR/Gates Rebuilt Samurai transmission

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ZuksOffRoad is proud to announce our working partnership with Gates Transmissions. MY and John have been working together for years to provide re-manufactured  1.3 transmissions to the Suzuki Community. 

Each unit is completely disassembled, inspected,cleaned and inspected again. Each needle bearing is inspected, every roller bearing is replaced, each syncro is replaced. Both seals are new. Throw out bearing snout passes inspection or the front cover is replaced.

No chipped gears will be put in any of our transmissions. Each trans will have a brand new slip yoke bushing whether it needs it or not. We are SUPER competitive. No one can compete with our reputable customer service and warranty. Service is the best. 

Each transmission comes with the famous ZOR "Thong" brass shift stick bushing and new shift bolt, for that great solid shifting feel.

Returning the core is easy. After you drain all fluid, remove the shift stick, the two switches and  the clutch cable lever. Then double garbage bag it. Put back the core into the box your fresh re manufactured transmission arrived in and apply the provided label to the exterior of the shipping box. Call for pickup. Your choice, receive core refund of up to $150 If you have any Samurai transmissions or t-cases for sale? Contact ZOR. 

Normally takes 10-14 days to ship


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