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ARBRD208-26 spline rear Samurai axle air locker

Your Price: $999.95
Part Number:188
Rear Differential: Suzuki 8 Bolt Dropout/10 Bolt Ring Gear
ARB Part # RD75
Axle Spline Count: 26
Accepts Gear Ratios: All
Ring Gear Bolt Count: 10
Warranty: 2 Years
Vehicle Applications:
1988-1998 Suzuki Sidekick
1996-1998 Suzuki X-90
1988-1998 Geo Tracker
1988-1998 Suzuki Vitara
1988-1998 Suzuki Escudo
1984-1995 Suzuki Samurai SJ413
1984-1998 Suzuki Jimny SJ413
1984-1998 Suzuki Sierra SJ413
1984-1998 Suzuki Caribbean SJ413
1986-1998 Suzuki Santana SJ413
1996-1998 Maruti Gypsy King
Features & Benefits:
Provides 100% traction on demand without affecting on road drivability or driveline wear.
Vastly improved traction means less reliance on momentum, which reduces the likelihood of vehicle damage and environmental impact.
Easy, convenient operation allows the user to concentrate on the terrain without leaving the comfort and safety of the driver's seat.
Ultra durable and extremely strong - only the highest quality materials used in construction.
Incredibly simple yet effective design that employs minimal moving parts, thereby ensuring maximum reliability. Thoroughly tested and proven design trusted and used in over 80 countries around the world.
Easy installation and maintenance no special tools, skills or additives required.

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