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Backing Plate Eliminator

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Part Number:140058-1-KIT-TG

Backing Plate Eliminator

The brake backing plates can be a bother on front Toyota solid axles. They often get bent from trail damage and small rocks can get trapped between the backing plate and the rotor causing noise and damage. For many years we have taken the stock brake backing plate and cut out the center section. Then we would reassemble the axle with just the center part for spacing.

We have come up with a cleaner way to accomplish the same thing. Our Backing Plate Eliminator kit contains two spacer rings that take the place of the factory backing plate. The rings are the same thickness as stock for proper component spacing. Installation is easy, simply remove the stock backing plate and replace with our rings when your servicing the knuckle.

Note: Backing Plate Eliminators do not have a mount for the brake line that is normally part of the backing plate. An alternate method of mounting or routing of the brake lines may be required.

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