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Zukikrawler.com Customers:

Awesome product. I finally installed Snatch #147, which I won in a fundraiser for 'Hatter, this weekend. To be honest, it was a real pain in the ass to install; seeing as I was alone. A second set of hands would have been a big help. The fit is tight and very precise. Exactly what is needed with a low geared transfercase. The Snatch completely surrounds and protects the transfercase; just as it's name imply's. There is just NO WAY the transfercase can possibly move from torque or large rocks. JPR Ram (ZK)

Thanks for all the help and support. I appreciate the excellent parts you provide to the Suzuki community. My Samurai was bone stock back in November with the exception of some scary lift shackles. It had been abused to say the very least by a previous owner who didnt understand maintenance issues like OIL! She now sits on a Spoa lift with Doetch tech shocks, Half ott steering by SKY, Fresh rebuilt 1.6 swapped in with calmini adapter and dodge 318 motormounts, MySide with HD 140 mm carb. Detroit locker and EMPI seats. I could not have built this rig without the help of great vendors like you. Thank you, Micheal G."GraywolfGraphics"

My, Hello, I was at the GonZookin event over the weekend. We sure did appreciate the ZOR items donated for the raffle. I was lucky enuf to win a hoodie sweatshirt, that my wife has claimed. Thank you for being part of this event. Roger L. H. Jr Aka Madsammer

I just wanted to say thank personally you for all you did for the 09 Zukimelt. I hope maybe next year you can make it. I would like to shake your hand. You have helped me get my MY-SIDE lined out, and gave me tons of sammi advice over the net. I ended up with the #85 snatch you donated, my buddy actually won it, but he has a tracker, so I suckered him out of it!!!! Thanks alot dude, everyone really appreciates your generosity. Events like that wouldnt be possible without people like you and by the way, the Snatch directions are great!!!! Gotta love those hot pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Ed (Zukikrawlers.com member)

Hi there this is Jake W. I won the bumper you donated to ZukiKrawlers last year and wanted to get you a copy of pictures of it on my rig. Thanks for all the great things you do for all the Zuki groups. It looks great and works like a charm now I just need to try and win a winch for it lol.

I just wanted to say *thank you* guys very much for my snatch and panty liner. I just got it in the mail today, so that answered my question on when it will be here. Can't wait to order my front bumper the wife keeps hinting that i'm getting something for my birthday hopefully it's the bumper from you guys. Thanks again for making top quality products. you are by far the best vendor and maker of samurai parts... Thanks Chris S. Zukikrawlers member.

My, Awsome rear Samurai LED bumper and Camel Toe tire carrier!!! You do great design and fab work!! It's on and just need to figure the lights out. Erik L.

Myron ,Thanks for all the help. Dallas McP.

I want everyone to know that the MY-Side system has be the single best improvement I have done to this Samurai. The power is unbelievebile and I am thoroughly pleased with its current performance even if I did not change a bit from where it is now. A major improvement from the stock carb. Myron has been an unbelievable help! Every question I have had, he has been there to help along the way and believe me I have pestered him! Deadted

I told you I would send some pics of my Zuk when I got it finished, so I've attached a few. I know you deal with mostly crawlers, but this build was strictly for my hunting lease. Through the build and getting on Zukicrawlers, I'll probably go ahead and build a crawler next year...I don't have a clue where I'll use it, but what the hell. I used your front and rear bumpers in addition to the My-side and other various things, and wouldn't change a thing. All your products are top shelf, and I appreciate all your technical help through the installs. Rusty G.

Myron is definitely a cool dude to deal with. Here are some pics of my recently purchased *ZOR Barak* on my Samurai. I like it! Makes me want to back into stuff. Badhoopty from ZK

Myron Thorson is about the best person I've had the pleasure of getting a product and information from. I just today finished installing MySide2 #27 on my 87 samurai. ZOR T-bra and Thong, (Condensator attached to PCV). Like almost everybody says, best improvement so far. Turns this into a DD that can truly stay with traffic, and idle smoothly at 650rpm! Stock harley keihin with 45 idle, 200 main and stock needle, 2 1/2 turns out on the idle mixture. As soon as gas got to it it started and ran; as soon as I adjusted the idle speed it was ready to go-with no other messin' around! . Best money spent-if I'd known, it would have been the first thing done to the car! Thanks for the kit Myron, excellent work! Skip in WY

Hey Myron, My ZOR Crabs and T-Bra and Thong showed up today! Thanks a bunch for everything. Can't wait to get that stuff installed. You are a pleasure to do business with and I will recommend you too many. Thanks again, (jpzuki) ZK

Just got the rob rack installed and it was well spent money, and again with great customer service, thanks again Myron! SamuariAZ (ZOA and ZK member)

Hey My wanted to thank you for all the stuff and the extremely fast shipping. I am very impressed with everything you are the first vendor in a long time to get me my products on the day they were promised and thought to arrive. Also all the products look great, the support bra is much beefier than I expected and looks really cool. And the hoodies actually fit and my girl likes the grey one so it all worked out. Well thanks again hopefully I will get my suspension soon and get everything installed in a month or two. Just wanted to say how cool all the products look and that I appreciate the great shipping. Thanks again, Eric (Doublee2005)

You can't go wrong with ZOR. MY is absolutely fantastic to do business with! He really helps his customers. I bought MY-SIDE #0054 and the brass shifter sheet from him. Cobleeze

Unfortunately, I havent purchased from ZOR. Yet. But I won a bumper from ZOR in a giveaway not long ago. Myron knew that i couldnt use it on my buggy, and asked what I needed. I explained that I needed some joints for my traction bar, and he had them to me within a week. A week after that, I had my traction bar built. I will order from Myron, and will continue to suggest his company to others. I plan on adding MY-Side soon, and know, without a doubt, that I will have no problems. Oklazukguy

Absloutely without a doubt the best service and support! I wish all dealers took the time you do to help your customers. Thanks My! SpaCityZuk

Good or bad? That should tell ya something about ZOR. I've never dealt with My, but I've only heard good things, myself. I do know he has a lot of good, quailty stuff and I'd give him a thumbs up! OKIE ZUK

Myron is a great guy with great products and a great business! The ZOR rock biters are BEEFY and I can't wait to get them installed! And Myron was even so kind as to provide me a LOT of invaluable information about his business for a report I wrote for school! I'll be calling ZOR again! Gearhead61

The service from ZOR is great. MY treats you like his friend. I'll always buy from ZOR when I can. Dammit MY! why don't you have a high steer!! Ironpirate

After dealing with several other zuki based dealers, ZOR has been the best to deal with, who else answers the phone at 7:30am on a Sunday morning while out of town??? Sorry My, didn't realize the time difference...LOL! The customer service went farther than most would have as explaining to me the ins & outs of the MY-side kit, Thanks again MY!!! #52, Shorty

I pre ordered a MySide kit, for what I thought was a great price. When they came out I got #5 and it showed up missing a couple of parts. A quick call to Myron and I had the parts the next morning. NOW THATS SERVICE!!!! Try that with some of the other vender's and see how long it takes, that is if you even get a response let alone shipped over night. Great parts, great prices, and incredible service, what more could you ask for. I will be buying from Zor products again and again. Billsbar

Thanks My for supporting the zuk community from all the staff and participants of Gonzookin. Freebird01

Myron, is the KING of customer service. I wish all companies worked this way. Myron will treat you better than your family does. 2 thumbs up! Jrnm

Finally someone who cares about after the sale, no BS, no excuses. Great products that work as intended. The best customer service I have ever recieved. Mudcat

One of the few that truly cares if the customer is happy. I will keep my business with ZOR. Great job Myron, Mkyhlmtn (Mikey sent this from Iraq, God bless you Mike!)

Besides my father and I the only person to work on something for my samurai. Enough said for people that work on their vehicles and dont trust handing their vehicle over to someone who doesnt feel the same about their passions as themselves. With that and Myrons customer appreciation ZOR will only continue to go in one direction. Jackson

Don't know much about ZOR, but am certainly glad Myron supports the Zuki Community. Great guy. Helped me a lot with my MY-Side when I didn't exactly know what I was doing. Hardluck

ZOR is a model of how I wish all Vendors should be. Great service-Great Follow Up- Great Friend! TX_ZUKI

Great Job with customers and Fab work on all of Myron's products............... Good - Job! LA1 Performance



Zuwharrie.com Customers:

Dear ZOR Thank you for supporting the Zuwharrie.com. I won the bumper at the spring 09 Zu event, and I want you to know I really apperacate it. Thank you again, Robert

After more than a year, I finally got to installing the Brute front bumper that I bought from you. It looks fantastic! Thanks again, My. You make great stuff. Jimbo (loveofjazz, from the ZOO).

I am VERY PLEASED with the tire carrier man! it is super stout and very well made! thanks again!! Joe S. the zoo. (Serenity Sidekick/Tracker Tire Carrier)

Myron, The bumper I won at the 2008 Fall Zu is awesome! It bolted right up, even with the Calmini shackle reverse kit. The quality is outstanding and I can't say enough about that. I have had kits that were "bolt-on" in the past, and they wind up being fab jobs to get things to line up properly. Thanks for a great product, and for supporting the Zu. I am on a very limited income, and I have my eye set on your back bumper with tire carrier. I like setting goals! Thanks again, John P.from the ZOO.

Thanks Deb, as always, you and My are top notch! Travis D.

Finally got around to installing the Thong in my sammy this past weekend. All that I can say is WOW! That made a huge difference over having a regular poly one. very good product MY, BLKZUKI

Myron, WOW! Thanks man, This new Zook Front Bumper is awsome. I just received it late yesterday and can't wait to get it installed. The look of this new bumper is gonna bring my Zook up from average so so, to Ohh My Gosh! Again I can't thank you enough. The fab work, the welds, the lines, man I am impressed. Thanks again for donating such an fine product to the Zuwharrie event raffel. Michael W.

Myron, Hey! What’s up? As promised, attached is the picture of Ian (from Extreme 4 x 4 on the Powerblock, Spike TV) and me (camjeff) at the Zuwharrie 2008 spring event. Check out the grin on my face- I had just won the MY-SIDE Harley Carb kit!!!!!!! NOW I HAVE 2!!!!!! The best carb kit on the market for offroading!!! Camjeff

I just received my new front and rear bumpers from Myron. Top quality and beefy made. I finished painting them tonite as per Myron's instructions and they look great. Fast shipment and Myron even threw a small extra into the box.. Thanks, Myron for all the insightful help on what I needed and instructions for mounting and painting. Top quality! Coldbud

Myron at ZOR is a great guy to deal with. I picked up a set of axle crabs from him and had them in 3 days from when I ordered them. I was even surprised in that they came with instructions! They fit perfect and are bullet proof. He was always willing to spend time to make sure I got what I wanted and I never felt rushed to get off the phone. Thanks Myron. (Kermit)

Got the front bumper and it is GREAT! Fast shipping, great product, great customer service!!! Thanx! Subspd.

ZOR Has great products. They have stuff that is hard to find other places, but we all will need at some point! Like new solid brass shifter sheets, or CV Carb kits and FI systems. They're Great!!! Just don't ask for the illustrated instructions if you can't handle scantily clad women. Zukkid

I purchased a MY-SIDE (#3 I think) with a modified carb. exceptional friendly customer service, nice shipping and packaging. carb kit worked as advertised. Myron was more than willing to help anytime I called. He even called back if he missed a call. The MY-SIDE was an easy installing kit with detailed instructions. easy tuning, quick reving and powerful low end. Best of all it is simple and works very well. The only negatives I can think of are the poor quality fuel pressure regulator and weak power in the higher rpms when used on a highly modified samurai motor. As a side note on the regualtors... when talking with the Spectre Performance parts rep he said they very rarely get nonworking defective regulators sent back. According to him their brand of regulators are above the industry standard regarding defects. MN_samurai

Kick a** product even better customer service . . . MY FI rocks. Samuryan from Hawaii

I have the My-Side for the 1.3 and it does more than perfect off-road, but lacks something to be desired in cold weather and on the highway. This may come from the way the carb is jetted, or maybe it's just not big enough for my taste. Fit was awesome. Look was just as good. Things I would change in the kit are the crappy fuel regulator and a better design on the seal between the air pipe and carburetor. Thanks for being a supporter of our sport, Bryan Sheets (ZUKIMON)

Myron, I've never bought a thing from you, but I think that it's a great thing that you are as dedicated to Suzuki customers and the Zu! I can assure you that when the day comes that I have another Sammi, I'll absolutely come to you first for products for it. You shown great business ethics and a great spirit! Your reputation will serve you well and seems VERY well deserved! I've seen many of your products and have been highly impressed by them all. Best wishes for continued success in the future! Patrick (VA88ZUK)

I bought a crab from ZOR and was very pleased of the product and the service. When the carb goes I am thinking My Side. Jim (redidbull)

I purchased a front bumper from Myron at ZOR and have been extremely pleased thus far with the entire transaction. Thanks again, My. I'll be calling for crabs next month! -jimbo (loveofjazz)

Myron is a great guy and has some awesome products, I have a ZOR front bumper and I love it!!!! It was super easy to put on and is very strong , looks good to!!! Thanks for the great products ! Tony (panzer)

I have both front and rear bumpers from ZOR these are the best built bumpers. Blkzuki

I got a rear bumper from MY and love it. also got crabs from him, for my axles that is. Great product! MY keep up the good work man. I will get a front bumper from you in the future. Thanks Dane (shrek)

I bought a set of crabs from My for the Toyota axles, and they fit great and look even better. Best of all, its beefy cheap protection. Im just ready to get them out on the rocks! Great customer service to boot! Cameron

I started painting the bumper last nite-the one that recently I bought from you. Again, it's a great, beefy product for the price. Gi_Zuk from the ZU.



Ebay Customers:

I Just put your transmition and transfer case sheets on the other day while units where still in truck.this is one of the best things I have done to my sammy yet. It works like new maybe better,everyone should install these sheets. I am very impressed with the product. I thank you and my sammy thanks you. The best to you and your family keep up the great work. Roland H. /Ebay/spanky202

WOW, ZOR T-BRA almost got here before I payed for it.Good job! O-yea liked the pictures of the tech. 60Metro

Myron, I received & installed the ZOR T-Bra shifter sheet yesterday. It will be nice not to get stuck in neutral every other time! Excellent product, thank you so much. Sincerely, Eric S. (Ebay)

a+++ chrisautos1614 ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Coolest bumper ever, great seller, fast shipping for huge product, A+A+ boots-n-lacey ZOR Front Bumper

Great product & lightning fast shipping!! Instructions were top notch!!! A++++++ valenciatundra ZOR Samurai 5spd Transmission case brass shifter sheet

GREAT PRODUCT, SUPER INSTRUCTIONS, FAST SHIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ocsd406 ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Good deal, fast shipping, thx. soundvision33 ZOR Front Bumper

Great Ebayer, fast shipment will recomend A++ortiz2526 ZOR Samurai 5spd Transmission case brass shifter sheet

Great products and readable directions!! jeremy6571 ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Every thing as listed and fast delivery sheila655 ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

EXCELLENT - A+A+A+A+A+ ------- "GREAT ITEM" ---- VERY FAST SHIP!!! --- THANKS!!! wel4443 ZOR Samurai 5spd Transmission case brass shifter sheet & ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

AAAAAAAAA+++++++++******PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS*************** errab5 ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

AA+++Nice product,quick combined shipping. Bid with confidence, E-BayersAA+++ tjlovesun ZOR Samurai 5spd Transmission case brass shifter sheet & ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Great bumper super fast shipment!!! AAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++AAAA++++++++ nixbrian10 ZOR Front Bumper

I've bought alot of upgrades but this is the best. Very excellent work and design! dustynrenee ZOR Front Bumper

Fast shipping, great description if you're into zooks check this guys stuff out. o-dog-fishing ZOR Front Bumper

Very quickly received, but I have yet to open. Thanks .... massey6650 ZOR Suzuki Samurai reproduction factory brush guard

Myron is the man! Interesting dirctions, fredwolfsen ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Item arrived in good order, thank you. Good directions. pyazzee79 ZOR Samurai Zuki Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Thanks cool product Buyer: zukmanone ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Fast, delivery of product. Thanks for putting me back on the map. Marcas58. ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Excellent product.Fast shipping.This guy goes the extra mile.One of Ebay's BEST! havenlyn00 ZOR Front Bumper

Extremely fast shipping, thank you so much!! hossana 64 ZOR Samurai Transfer case brass shifter sheet

Great transaction, thanks! ZOR Samurai Rear Bumper. diablox1

GREAT EBAYER A++++++++++++. hatcht1

What a great bumper. I am very happy! Super fast shipping. cody4370

Awesome bumper!!! Thank you for the PFSC front bumper. x10sen212

Superfast Shipping!!! Absolut excellent eBayer!!! ****T****O****P**** ZOR-MY-SIDE (side draft fuel delivery system). gritschie

Great quality product with fast responce and delivery time by the seller. dachap2

Fast Shipping, Awesome Product and Customer Service 2nd to none. Thanks Myron! 67betsy

a pleasure to deal with and bumper fit great!!!! smart57

A+++ Great Bumper, Super Fast shipping, Excellant Craftsmanship!!! tta89

THIS BUMPER IS GREAT!!! Superior welds and nice fabrication. Highly recommended! J.Prickett

The bumper fit perfectly, grinding not required!, really fast shipping, THANKS!! flyvad

The MY-FI is a great product, thank you very much---Walter Great bumper, fast shipping Thank you for the fast transaction A+++ OIIIIO the10dang

It arrived safely, spent today putting it on followed by an off road run,...will take pictures and get them back to you. I am pleased with your work,Thank you. WDA

 Great product! Fit perfectly and is exactly what I was looking for!! Thanks!!

The front bumper turned out great, thanks.

Super heavy duty, very pleased A+ Recieved bumper, am impressed, heavy duty sport model for sure. I will be glad to help you anyway I can promoting your products. Thanks again, Ralph

Very pleased with how good they fit. That center piece fit unbelievable.....3/16 clearance on both sides of my grill exact....impressed! Jacob

Just wanted to say that I did recieve the bumper and it turned out way better then I imagined, looks great on my sami! Thanks alot and I will check out that back bumper. Thanks again, Mike

I got the ZOR rear LED bumper on. Took a little convincing. The bottom mounts on my frame were pulled down a bit - where the existing mounting holes are. I pounded them back up/flush and then bent the upper tabs on the bumper out just a hair. Both were enough to slide it all together. Your right. All six bolts snug it down straight and secure. Looks perfect. Thanks for help. I appreciate your willingness to follow up. You are holding such tight tolerances on the bump I thought you had it wrong. Its a quality piece. Jason B

I like your bumper system, it is a real heavy duty type to lean against trees and rocks while you winch!!! However, it NEEDS an anti-roll bracket on each side to strengthen it from pivoting up OR down under load. I am currently trying to make such a bracket to "Enhance" it's structural integrity. Other than that, It is an excellent system---just needs the brackets! Thank you Myron!!! John from Hawaii

A+ Great design and good man to deal with, I will deal with him in the future! Dale C.



Arrived safe and sound. Can't wait to put 'em on. Great to do business with. A++

Thank you for the very beautiful bumper and feedback...make transaction with you is wonderful...salutes! Charley from Italy

ZOR makes his bumpers strong and durable and his price is good im very satisfied. Scott G. Prescott, AZ

Wonderful to do business with. Great item. Highly recommended!MY-FI owner!

I love the bumper. it fits really good. boja482

Sorry it took so long, The front bumper looks great. rubbertechguy

Great bumper and very good customer service. Product better than described. Zukgenius

Great guy and a great product (ZOR rear bumper and ZOR bomb proof Tire Carrier). I would buy from him any day of the week.ski_bumb

All that I can say is that they rear bumper and tire carrier are GREAT. sandberg121

Great product fast delivery. A++++++ on both front and rear bumpers. Thanks for such a great product! I really love how it looks on the Suzuki. 673juan

Hi My! I've been so satisfied with your other products and spectacular service that I have to buy my bumpers from you! I need your baddest rear bumper with the spare tire mount and whatever else you can put on it. Would I be better off buying this one from eBay and adding what I need to it through you or buying one from your website? I can use the ebay feedback but I want to get the most for my money and something custom that everyone else doesn't have. ('My' can fabricate some chit now!) I also need a front bumper (I'm watchin' the one you have on eBay) with a winch mount and all the fixin's and tow stuff so I can pull it behind a F-150. Tell ya what...I know your work so just tell me you got exacly what I need and I'll paypal ya. Thanks! Steve p.s. I love my MI-FI!

Great product, recommend this seller to anyone A++ celouden

Great product - fantastic transaction - excellent ebayer - highly recommended chrisyvrfly

Nice product and fast shipping, thanks,Myron. 209miket

Awesome bumper! Very helpful. Great customer service and fast shipment! THANKS!heather3211rn

SWEET BUMPER at a GREAT PRICE- Thanks turbosl1

FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! Very helpful-will be doing more business steve1291

Awesome individual, honest, up front, helpful, a real professional with business

Great bumper,top notch service and communication. First rate all the way. thelastpirate




ZOA customers:

Hey My, I hit 200+ miles earlier this week and did the first oil change. the club had suspended all functions so me and another member met up in Cave creek for lunch on Sunday. My first real long drive at highway speeds, about 30 each way. I stayed off the 101 and ran Pima north to cave creek and went across. Gps says I was cruising at a comfortable 60 to 63 in 5th gear at 3500ish rpm with no ping or problems. I did install RJ's Dizzy and it has made a remarkable difference so maybe the advance in my Dizzy was shot? anyhoo, its running like a top and im loving it. I am going to replace the electric fan on the radiator with a stock fan and shroud that Randy Gibbs is sending me. I don't think the electric fan is doing a good enough job at low speed. just wanted to update you and let you know how happy I am with the entire package, myside two, new engine, the gears you sold me for the T case and all the help you have given me along the way. could not have done it without you and will continue to tell people about you and your products!

Hey Myron, I got the case! I will be puttin it in this weekend the SNATCH is awesome! Great job on that design, it could'nt be better. Bobby I.

Sweet, I really dig your stuff and think your marketing is spot on. Live Free and Strong! Sincerely, Warren H. D. Jr.

My and Deb, I got the parts today. Thanks for your quick and prompt service. It's always nice doing business with you. Oscar C.

Hey Myron! Just wanted to say thanks again. We LOVE LOVE LOVE the My-side2. It is perfect in every way. Jay & Jay

Sweet!!! I got the ZOR MY-SIDE running last night. What an AWESOME kit. It was a super easy install. I got worried when I first started it up, because when I pushed the choke in all the way, it would die. After it warmed up it was fine. I actually broke the 31" Super Swampers loose on the pavement. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! BRUZR

The ZOR PFSC bumper is awesome! Its tough and it looks really good on my zuk! ZOR is at the top of my list for zuk stuff. Thanks My, Kyle S.

I can attest to his front bumpers,they are awesome!!!!!!! Brianthelion

I'll second that. I just gave mine the first coat of flat black and I intend to give it a second tomorrow morning and install it tomorrow night. Bumper looks solid and nice. - Jose

I finally got a chance to install my new ZOR rear bumper. This bumper is excelent. It is strong, well built, and a tight fit It took me longer to unhook the old one than it took to install the new one. I highly recommend ZOR Products and can't wait to get a front one. Thanks Myron Enno C.

FANTASTIC bumper! Saved me a world of hurt in some rocks! Very tough and very cool looking. The half-rack looks fantastic!Brian M.

Love your stuff Myron. I have just about everything now. The half rack looks really good, thanks for the quick install! Paul M.





ZOR Site/Shop Customers:

My name is Jeff. I purchased a Myside 2 a few months ago. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The install was perfect. Haven't had time to get out to the trails as yet but it runs smoother than I could have imagined. Thanks for a great product. I will get out as soon as I can and get you a write up.

Hello Myron, Just wanna send you a recent picture of how the bumper looks with the winch mounted.. thought you might like to add it to your website! Thanks again for a wonderful bumper. Marcelo G.

Hey Bro, Just wanted to say thanks again, I recieved my Slutty Snatch yesterday and everything looks great! I appreciate the extra goodies! Now I just need to get off my butt and go to work. Tell Deb I said it looks like you've got one fine shop hand there, too. Ya'll have a good one! Duane

Myron, Thanks again for your help, your work looks beautiful! Brent!

I want to thank you for the discription and the quality of your products! Your bumper fits great on the x90! Eric S.

Received the My-Side set up. Thank you looks great. Being in the Art field for 34 years I must say your craftsmanship is beautiful. Can’t wait to get it set up. Thank you, Al H. #108

Thank you so much for providing such a great product. I installed the 2" upskirt lift last night in my Sidekick and it went very well. The instructions were accurate and easy to read. But I am most impressed with how well the kit fits and and how well it's built. The quality was unexpectedly good. I expect to have many years of enjoyment out of this. Thanks again for the excellent support, communication and shipping of the kit. I will be back! Kudos to you all, Bryan

Thank you for the fine bumper. With the receiver connection and the Hammer tone paint make it is very attractive and practical. I use an extended cargo carrier on the front for heavy yard work. Thanks Again, Steve C. Red Bluff, CA

Myron, I had ordered the brass transmission shifter sheet, and like your other product that I have (front bumper), I am impressed with it. It fit perfectly into the shifter housing, and there is no extra play in it. I will have crisp shifts from now on. Your customer service was excellent, and I received my part ordered off the internet faster than I thought I would. Thanks for such a great product and excellent service. I will continue to do business with you, and I will definitely refer others to your business. John P.

Well I got the sami back from Eric today, drove the freeway from the west side of town to the east side of town, then took it out on the trail for 2 hours and I have to tell you IF YOU WERE HERE RIGHT NOW I WOULD KISS YOU ON THE LIPS!!!!!!!!! Sorry that I ever doubted you, man those gears are perfect. I can run 75 on the freeway top speed but runs really nice at 65-70 and you were right about that smile in low, I dont think you could slap the smile off my face with a shovel. Thanks again for all your help and I will have to do something nice for Eric for all his help. Daryl H.

Hi Guys, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the great service and product! The ZOR shock hoops are by far one of the best designed and manufactured products I've purchased for this build. I'll be back for more when I'm ready. Thanks again! Joe C.

I just wanted to say thank you for the MY SIDE system it is the best product I have ever installed on a vehicle. I thought the Edge Juice was cool when I installed it on my 03 Ford Power Stroke but this system hands down has made a hug change in my 1.3. The Weber is up for sale. The install was simple and the photos in the instruction help to keep your attention. Thank you for a great product. Ryan O. Portland OR.

Hey Myron, Got my bumper center last week and was able to cut the stock bumper and got it installed no problem. Quality product and I appreciate your help. Regards, Ken

Myron and Debbie, I am sending you some great pictures of our Colorado trip with our Sammy. If it wasn't for you we could of never done Bear Pass. The MY-SIDE2 with the 44 mm Sceaming Eagle Harley carb that you install worked great at high altitude. We drove on trails at 13,200 feet elevation plus with no problems. Several Jeep owners complemented the power the Sammy had and how good it look. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will see you soon for the bumpers and many other items. Thanks for everything again, Julie and Emilio R. (new ZOA members)

Thank you SO much for the donations for the Melt this year. It really means a lot to me that you did that. Everyone loved the prizes and the 09 stickers were awesome! I'm really hoping that I will be able to continue the great tradition that is ZukiMelt, and I hope to hell your gonna make it out for one of them! SO, having said that, I will be in contact with you throughout the year to keep you up to date on next years event. Again, thank you SO much for everything!! Pure Evil (Brent)

Myron.....wanted to let you know ....I love the "SNATCH" . I got #83 and it fit perfect, no grinding, etc. I just bolted it up and now I'm ready for Gonzookin in 2 weeks. This is my 1st purchase with you and I can tell you I'll be back. I will past the word about at Gonzookin and let the other guys drool on what I got. Hopefully you are sponsoring our event, this will help get the word out even more. Thanks Happy Customer Chad T.

My son ordered the T-Bra for each of our Samurai's a few months ago when his transfer case went into neutral. I threw mine in the glove box. Went trailing last weekend and mine went out. Few minutes on the side of the trail and fix was in. Perfect product. Later that day his trans stopped shifting. Towed him out and have just recieved the Thongs I ordered for both Samurai's. Put mine in today, his tomorrow. Easy install and I only wish we had found you sooner.

Myron, Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all your help and attention when we installed the Trail-Gear lift at your shop. I look forward to fixing the front end and making some of the changes you recommended. Again.. a big thanks for everything. I will be getting in touch with you soon to place another order. -Jeff

Myron, Thanks so much for a great product in the My-Side1 kit. I really appreciate all the info and support and your honesty in talking with you prior to my purchase.I noticed an amazing difference in power after the install of the kit. I highy recommend this product and the superb and courteous support that you extend with your products. Phil W.

Thanks again for all of your help with getting me what I needed. I really like the bumper, I think that it is a great value for the money Richard K.

Hey myron, I got my "ENDI" bumper and it looks totally awesome! Thanks alot. Endi M.

Myron, Just want to say, the Sammi is still running strong and steady. Your product has really proved to be a strong positive upgrade to an old machine. I am very pleased with and look forward to the near future offroading potentials the Myside will provide possible. SilverSammy 86

Just had to drop you a line and say the bumper ROCKS. Thanks man cant wait to get it out on the trail and try it out. I will let you know. Hope to meet you in person at zukapalusa. Thanks again. Ted G.

My, Brad S. here. I wanted to take a minute to write and let you know how the install of the myfi went. First, it took 3weeks. but that included putting in the new engine, and several other considerations. Once installed, i even missed a step, it started right up. Basic stoich and idle tuning took a little over an hour. Its a whole new sami! Thank you for creating this product.

Thank you verry much for my bumper, it is very nice and built to perfection. I can't believe I finally got it! I have been wanting one for a few years. I will take a few pics of my little sj410 for your customer section. Thanks again. Tommy

Hi Myron, First let me tell you that I'm not sure if I put a new engine in or just "The Kit", man this little 1.3 engine ROARS now !!! I am in total shock! The performance difference is totally amazing. Although one does has to get use to the incredible new sound first and then find the new shift points. This kit was installed on a totally unmolested 88 tin top. I did feel kind of guilty at first messing with this incredible little toy that I have owned for only a few short months. Due to the erratic idle and bad fuel consumption I decided to take the plunge...

The " MySide Kit" is complete as in nothing to purchase (unless you've run out of thread sealer) every last nut bolt and fitting is included! I did make a few short calls to Myron which he answered with complete attention and knowledge. The most difficult part of the "transformation" is the removal of the old system..after that is gone you are home free ! The most difficult part of removal of old carb is the two inner 12mm nuts hold the carb to the intake manifold. I went out and bought a claw socket, but I'm sure there are other methods of removal. It is easy to pre assemble the system on a kitchen table (if not married) the rest is a straight ahead install. Just wanted to let you know I AM one very happy customer! Thanxxxxxxxxxx, Pete (owner of kit #117)

Thanks for the great shipping of the bumpers. I got them yesterday and am I happy. Thanks, Gary

I was super impressed with the construction of the bumper. The core is rolled steel, and the welds were clean. I'll add that My took interest in my install, and made sure I was confident with what I needed to do before purchasing. Will be happy to do business with him again. Jeremiah CA.

wow... or should i say WOW, MY, you and your products are awesome. As some here may know I picked up another sami DIRT CHEAP. well it came with some issues too. I bought the T-BRA and thong from MY and could not be more pleased with it. Awesome quality. Amazing customer service. MY even took time out of his day at the shop to measure some bolts I was trying to locate. BTW the bolts were broken by the previous owner and MYeven offered to send me some. Thanks again MY I will do business with you again.

I Just got MY-SIDE2 installed and running. It really makes a difference. The engine has more power, runs smoother, and even gets a little better milage. My stock carb had a laundry list of problems and this conversion cured everything for a lot less than it would have cost me to have the old system fixed. It's just a 100% better than the stock system. Thanks a lot. I couldn't be happier. Dennis W.

Myron, I have been running the myside for a little over a week, it runs great and has good power. Thank you for the tech support. Thanks. Ryan F.

My I got my sliders and front bumper today,excellent workmanship.I was a welder for years And I am picky. A few words and a pic of the My-Side2 and 44mm carb I got from you earlyer this summer. The truck runs so good an unrelated problem cropped up,I broke a timing belt tensioner bolt,I think was orignal bolt and higher rpm I am now able to reach was just to much for it,LOL. Here's the pic,enjoy. Anyway thanx for the great products and customer service.Mark D.

Hello, I received the front ZOR bumper today. Excellent quality of work, thanks for a great product. Regards, Doug F.

I have the 40 mm MY-SIDE kit and the dang thing runs like a top always starts on the first kick .. the best thing I have ever done to the zuk. Thanks MY, Joe H. (ZOA & ZK)

Thank you My and Deb. as always, great work. The rear bumper and spare tire carrier are awesome. here are a couple of photos . I hope they help you sell more product and meet your goals for your growing company. Thanks again, Chris C.

Just want to say thank you for your excellent service and support of the Suzuki community.


Wow!!!! Just got done testing my new My-Side #145. When in very easy and I’m not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I wasn’t going to try it, but change my mind at the last moment and I’m glad I did. I still need to do a little fooling around with the jets. I put in a air to fuel mixture gauge at the same time and by looking at that when driving there’s very little jetting to do. Maybe go from a 45 to a 46 with idle jet because its running a little lean sometimes on idle. The high speed jet seems ok. It’s a 200. The slider jet I may need to take off one washer or move the clip one mark up because it seems to run a little rich. All in all it’s the best improvement I’ve made. I’m running with 2 inch exhaust with no cat. I also put on a e-pump and a jeep filter at the same time as the My-Side. I advanced the timing to 30 degrees before top dead center. RPM is set at about 1000 or a little under 1000. I’m sending you a couple of pictures of the install. Like I said at the beginning WOW this thing has a lot more throttle response. When I push down on the peddle there is no more hesitation it revs right up.

The bumper far exceeded my expectations and I am glad to tell my friends of your great workmanship . PS one of my friends that I hunt with runs a large Fabrication shop and panted the bumper he had nothing but positive things to say about the quality of your product. I thought if you’re like me sometimes a vote of positive feedback is uplifting in this day and time. Terry S.