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Heavy Duty Front Output Shaft

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Made in Japan High Quality MUST HAVE Gear. 

Putting in lower transfer case gears and really getting on the throttle can sometimes damage the front output shaft. This results in a loud popping noise under load and is detrimental to the life of the output shaft. Repeated popping of the front output shaft gear will result in gear failure and loss of power to the front axle. In 1993 Suzuki upgraded the output shaft and stopped using the older style shaft that was prone to failure. These later style shafts are a drop in replacement for 1986-1992 transfer cases. This upgrade is especially good for transfer cases that have lower than stock gearing in them because the lower the gear, the higher the torque load going through the gear. The front output gear can be installed without full disassembly of the transfer case. Only the front output cover* needs to be removed to install this gear. Replace your older gear now and keep it in your tool box as a trail spare. 

*Replacing the front gasket when removing the front cover is recommended.

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