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Knuckle Sandwich Bundle

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Part Number:300117-1-KIT-TG
Knuckle Sandwich Bundle

If you don’t want busted knuckles on the trail, you need Trail-Gear’s Knuckle Sandwich. The Trail-Gear Knuckle Sandwich is everything you need to service your knuckles, seal your knuckle wiper balls and upgrade your inner axle seals and brake backing plates. Purchasing the Knuckle Sandwich package will save you over $20 purchasing each part separately. Save cash by getting our Knuckle Sandwich package and save time by doing it all once!

Kit includes:

  • Knuckle Service Kit with Wheel Bearings (part #140017-1-KIT)
  • Backing Plate Eliminator Kit (part #140058-1-KIT)
  • Trail-Safe™ Wiper Seal Kit (part #140327-1-KIT)
  • 2x Trail-Safe™ Inner Axle Seals (part #140325-1-KIT)


Knuckle Sandwich Bundle, 300117-1-KIT

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