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MY-SWAP1.6/8V and Optional MY-SWAP 1.6/16V

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Version of Egine Swap
MY-SWAP 1.6/8V version 1989-90
MY-SWAP 1.6/8V version 1991-1995 [+$15.00]
MY-SWAP 1.6/16V 1992-1995 [+$30.00]
MY-SWAP 1.6/16V 1996-1998 [+$50.00]
MY-SWAP 1.3TBI 91-95 with reman 1.6 injector included. [+$145.00]
Save $30
NO Thanks, I will pay you another $30 for removing tape and loom [+$30.00]
Yes I will remove the tape and plastic looms leaving the grommets, blue tape and avoiding the glue.
MY wanted to make this as easy as possible for you. He is now offering a discounted combined parts kit that includes everything he recommends and uses for your 1.6 8 valve and 16 valve engine swaps. Some other store fronts might have some copied products cheaper, but then you find you have a few hundred more dollars in small items. but we win again for getting our customers the best for less!

The MY-SWAP1.6/8V and Optional MY-SWAP1.6/16V Kit Includes:

1) Our industry's best engine adapter with full circle stepped stud design for 1.6 block to 1.3 transmission bell housing,
2) The ZOR Motorboat rubber isolated engine lowering kit 1-209. No body lifts required to close hood. Engine is inches below hood for lowest Center Of Gravity! No vibrations or buzzing from solid mounts. SUSPENSION LIFT REQUIRED TO USE THE MOTORBOAT engine mount kit. OR the Petroworks Engine mount kit for non suspension lifted vehicles. The Petroworks will allow closing of the hood without a body lift with taller shackles. 
3) Modification of your provided harness and cluster for EFI conversion, includes simple to follow directions to achieve no stress install.
4) ZOR E-Pump isolation platform is included. As well as the Hi-pressure E-2000 pump MY recommends. Along with all high pressure lines and hoses, clamps and fittings related to fuel, no oil or water lines provided.

Simply purchase the swap kit then box up you donor (Sidekick/Tracker) cluster and your Samurai cluster (wrap the samurai up in bubble wrap)separate from your supplied harness. Plus you get the most famous and friendly tech support when needed to keep the job moving along.

It is a good idea to lower the radiator also, modification by drilling holes is required for direct bolt in. All the 1.6 Suzuki engines should have the radiator replaced. Roadlessgear.com sells a good all aluminum multi core radiator.

You the customer must provide the 1.6 engine, 1 1.6 mount, 1 1.3 mount, ecu and harness, coil pack, fuse block or basically everything required to control engine management. ZOR assumes no responsibility for condition of your provided engine. Any additional parts provided by ZOR or additional labor required to repair used harnesses/ecus/components/on your engine swap is not covered in this great combo price.

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