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Petroworks 1.6 Engine Installation Kit

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Part Number:PWENG-0060

Currently taking pre-orders for this item. Item is currently in production; with a 4-5 week wait.

PETROWORKS Full Circle Engine Adaptor for installing 1.6L Sidekick or Geo tracker engines into Samurais are by far the best available.

After years of dealing with other manufacturers Half plate adapter kits, modifying body parts, and dealing with exhaust manifolds hitting the frame. Petroworks embarked on a complete redesign of the kit back in the late 1990's. We found that the half plates being used were not concentric to the to the center bore of the crankshaft, which eventually caused premature wear on the pilot bearing, and input bearings on the transmission thus quickening the demise of the transmission.  We may not have come up with the idea of putting a 1.6 motor into a Samurai, but we have perfected the process beyond all others.

Specially designed with our NEW STYLE ISOLATION ANTI-VIBRATION engine mounts. The full circle design of our adaptor plate provides strength and alignment that is not available in any other adapter. Alignment bushings provided with the kit position the adapter plate and transmission perfectly. The Petroworks kit also goes a few steps above the competition by clocking the motor a few degress to better clearance the exhaust manifold from the frame rail. Our adapter kit also lowers the entire motor and transmission down between the frame rails to provide a much better motor transmission alignment and prevents the need to put spacers in the body to clearance the hood for the intake system.

This adapter kit will work on 1.6 8v and 1.6 16 valve Suzuki Sidekick or Tracker motors

1.6 Adapter Kit Installation Instructions

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