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RingR Adapter for Suzuki 1.6 Engines to Toyota W Transmissions

Your Price: $460.00
Part Number:1-099

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Not a W trans?
Select this option for the V6/Turbo MANUAL Transmisson RingR adapter (+$100.00)
Add Clutch Disc
Yes add a smaller diameter Toyota Clutch Disc (+$105.00)
Yes add a second smaller diameter Toyota Clutch Disc (+$95.00)

The “RingR”™ is a billet aluminum adapter that bolts in-between the Suzuki 1.6  bell housing and Toyota 4 cylinder W52 or W56 5 speed manual transmissions.

Precision machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum, and supplied with premium Grade 5+ hardware, the “RingR”™ setup affords much greater strength and durability to your drive line, as well as numerous Toyota gearing options like dual cases to get that KILLER CRAWL RATIO you desire!!

The “RingR”™ gives you the advantage of a stronger transmission and t-case(s), along with the ability to increase crawl ratios up to 555 to 1 !!. Slight modifications are needed for the clutch and throw out bearing. ADD a optional narrowed diameter Toyota clutch disc to fit inside a 1.6 pressure plate and flywheel. Only $90 when shipped with your RingR order. Cost more to order and ship later when you find out a machine shop will charge you a $100 for labor. 

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