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Samurai Carburetor Rebuild Kit (OEM)

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Samurai Carburetor Rebuild Kit (OEM)

We get calls and emails every day from Samurai owners who want to replace their carburetors. Unfortunately, the options are limited, and if you want something that performs on AND off road the ONLY way to go is with a factory Samurai carburetor.

Other than spending $900 for a new factory carb, you can try one of these options:

Weber swap - not good for off road
Junkyard carburetor - might end up worse than you started
Rebuilt carburetor - costs hundreds of dollars and requires a core
Do a CV carb kit-or EFI conversion-BEST but pricey
Rebuild your own - not an option...until now

Our 1.3 Samurai carburetor rebuild kit is meant for the Hitachi (not AISIN) OEM carb and replaces all of the wear items that cause your carburetor to behave poorly. Hesitations, flat spots in acceleration, and cutting out are a thing of the past with a rebuilt carb.

US model Samurais typically have the Hitachi carburetor, while Canadian models usually have the AISIN. According to MY, this kit is not recommended for anyone less than a degreed Rocket Scientist. MY provides zero tech support on Hitachi Carbs.