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HQ Slip Yoke Japan
HQ Slip Yoke Japan

Samurai Slip Yoke, Flange Yoke, U-Joint

Your Price: $99.00
Retail Price:$149.00
Your Savings:$50.00(34%)
Part Number:1-802

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Add with slip Yoke Free Shipping (+$30.00)
MATSUBA U-Joint ONLY (-$54.00)
ADD Flange Yoke SELECT ONLY 1 Below
90-95 LARGE HOLE PATTERN 10 mm bolt Trans, Front, Rear Driveshaft (+$49.00)
86-89 SMALL HOLE PATTERN 8 mm bolt Trans, Front Rear Driveshaft (+$49.00)
Flange Yoke Only
27131-60A01 Large ONLY (-$50.00)
27131-83000 Small ONLY (-$50.00)
Made in Japan Slip Yoke for the Samurai 5 speed transmission U-Joints and Flange Yokes!
High Quality Perfect Fit. 

These Japan made yokes are brand new , precision made machined casting. Fits on end of your intermediate shaft or existing drive shaft. Confirm your current Differential flange bolt hole sizes prior to ordering. 8 mm or 10 mm (similar to 5/16" or 3/8th" bolts). 

IF you have mix matched flanges please call to place your order. If you select conflicting part numbers we will hold your order until we have an understanding of wth is going on. 

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