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If you own a Suzuki, then this tool is mandatory. And I'm not just saying that because I want to sell you one. Even if you buy it from someone else, do yourself a huge favor and buy it. We have personally been using this tool in our shop for over 10 years. And we have never.... and I mean NEVER! ..... used this on a screw and had it not remove the screw easily - and intact! In fact, we are so confident that you will love this tool - if it ever fails to deliver the fastener, just send it back and we'll refund your money.  That's not a manufacturer warranty - that's my own personal warranty.  And that is how confident I am that this thing really works!

Suzuki vehicles have countless phillips head screws that hold the various parts together. And it seems like they are all welded in there. They are virtually impossible to remove without destroying the screw (and possibly damaging whatever part the screw is holding).

This tool fits into a standard air chipper/hammer (not included - use the one you already own). The vibrations loosen painted, corroded, rusted, dirty and overly tight screws and fasteners. While you gently turn the screw using the attached handle. Because you are not forcing the screw loose, you don't damage the head. So you can re-use the fastener after you remove it. I'm tellin' ya, this sucka really works! It's fast. It's easy. And can literally save you HOURS of cursing and throwing tools across the shop...(not that I've ever done this)

No toolbox should be without it. Great for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and farm equipment. It loosens stuck fasteners in places like wheel openings, headlight doors, taillight lens, bumpers, striker pins, seatbelt bolts, floor pans, motorcycle engines, and THOUSANDS of other places.  (including those impossible to remove Suzuki Samurai hinge screws)

Invented in the USA.  Made in the USA.  Includes 4 different sized bits and detachable handle for easy storage.