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Solid Spacer with shim kit for Suzuki Samurai pinion.

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Part Number:RG175
Solid pinion spacers prevent loosening of the gear setup preload. The crush sleeve can loosen and often does. Causing leaky pinion seals and gear damage. Solid spacer and shims replace the crush sleeve. 

Takes the guess work out of setting up your ring and pinion gears and you won't have to retorque the pinion nut down the road. Fits all model years Suzuki Samurai.

Set up pinion to have no movement in or out but spin freely with a light grip on flange. If loose take shim out. If tight, add a shim. Once set with flange nut torqued over 90lbs , remove the tightened flange nut and flange, INSTALL NEW SEAL with grease in the inside of the lips, retorque flange nut. 

The friction from the seal will change the grip required to rotate the flange.