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TOYZUKI Driveshaft Adapter

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If you are mixing and matching Toyota and Suzuki drivetrain components, these drive shaft adapters will help you make the connection.

The adapters are 1/2" thick and fit the Toyota 4cyl. 4x4 shafts from the years 79-85 along with some mid 1986 4cyl. There is the possibility that they will fit other years but these listed have been found to be the most commonly used.

The adapters were made to fit 86-88.5 small pinion and t-case flanges. Yes they will fit the large flange newer years also and can be easily drilled if you just wanted to use them as a standard spacer.

Applications in which people are using them as listed below:

* To make use of the common front Toyota double-cardan shaft in between your small flange t-case and pinion
* Putting larger flange Suzuki shafts on the older small flange units and vise/versa if going on newer large flange zuk you must drill the small bolt diameter into your large flange
* Purchased as a standard spacer
* Purchasing just the t-case side adapter for the common Toyota axle swap

* If using the 79-83 Shaft on the small flange you must open the small 8mm hole on the case, pinion and both shaft flanges of the Toy.

Includes fasteners and lock washers.

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