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Top Shift T-Case Conversion Kit B

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Part Number:100121-1-KIT-TG

Top Shift T-Case Conversion Kit B

When doing a top shift conversion on a forward shift T case, you will need a block off plate to block off the old (unused) hole in the transmission that the forward shift shifter was in. In addition to that you will also need a new top shifting shifter to shift the new T case. That is why we have put kit B together for you, this is the perfect kit for a guy who is going to run a dual case set up.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Shift rails
  • (1) Shift fork
  • (1) Shift fork tube
  • (2) Roll pins
  • (1) T-Case shifter kit
  • (1) T-Case block off plate
  • (2) Gaskets

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