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Toyota 2.2L Clutch

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Part Number:100044-1-KIT-TG

Toyota 2.2L Pickup 4WD 74-80 4cyl/2.0L Pickup 71-74 4cyl Clutch

Ceramic High Performance Clutch Kits

High performance Ceramic clutches are here! Same great quality as factory. Includes 6 puck Ceramic disk and 1600 lb pressure plate. Ceramic clutches outlast stock clutch kits with up to twice the life. Lighter design reduces chances of catastrophic failure from over spin. This can happen when your in a crawl gear going down hill and you push in the clutch and continue to gain speed. Ceramic clutches don't fade like conventional clutches when they get hot. You get the same solid performance hot or cold!

Kits include long life clutch disk, pressure plate, release bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool.

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