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Trail Safe™ Inner Axle Seal

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Part Number:140325-1-TG
Trail Safe™ Inner Axle Seal

Figure (A): Deflection gaps in the Brand X seal are the result of the spring clip opening. Fluid is allowed to bypass the seal lip through these deflection gaps. The result is a leak.

Figure (B): The Trail Safe seal lip is totally supported by a garter spring. The spring applies constant force over 360º, not allowing any deflection gaps. This means no fluid leaks.

Figure (C): The spring clip opens up under deflection and no longer supports the seal lip. A deflection gap will allow fluid to bypass the seal, resulting in a leak.

Figure (D): The Trail Safe Inner Axle Seal uses a garter spring which offers 360º of support around the seal lip during deflection. This stops fluid from bypassing the seal lip. No leaks.

Figure (E): Brand X's attempt to seal the O.D. of the seal. Generally the material is scraped off during installation, resulting in a leak.

Figure (F): The O.D. of the Trail Safe Seal is 100% rubber coated so that it forms a complete static surface seal resulting in zero leaks.

Trail Safe Inner Axle Seal, 140325-1-KIT (PAIR)

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