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Transmission Adapter

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Part Number:PWENG-0050

Petroworks 1.6 to Samurai Transmission Adapter Plate.

After years of using other companies adapter plates on in house 1.6 conversions and troubleshooting issues with

worn out transmission input shafts and seals we decided enough is enough. The Half plates on the market at the time were just not up to par.

They did not align the transmission and motor up perfectly and were just not well made.

So we decided to do our own adapter plate but instead of copying other designs we took a whole new approach and made the adapter a complete circle that way spacing and alignment could be maintained better.

We then found and made up the required Hardware to properly mount the plate so that all components lined up and actually worked.

The ending result was the best transmission adapter plate on the market. They say that

imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Buy the best the 1st time around.

This adapter plate is used on all Samurai transmission model years from 1986-1995.

And will adapter to all US 1.6 8v and 1.6 16 motors.

Kit Includes:

1 Adapter Plate Yellow Zinc Plated

1 Engine Alignment Stud

1 Alignment Dowel

2 Stepped Bolts

2 Stepped Bolt Nuts

2 Adapter Plate mounting Bolts

2 Dust cover Screws

1 Start Bolt

1 Adapter to Engine Bolt

1 Adapter to Engine Bolt Washer

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