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ZOR Custom Non-lettered or Lettered Beadlocks

Your Price: $349.95
Retail Price:$399.95
Your Savings:$50.00(13%)
Part Number:1-213bl

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15" (non-lettered)
16" (non-lettered) (+$20.00)
17" (non-lettered) (+$50.00)
128 Grade 8 Bolts with washers and nylocks (+$260.00)

The ZOR steel weld on Beadlocks are available in a basic form with no lettering for the $199.95 for the 15". 16" & 17" rims are priced according to extra material and laser cut time. Lettering is an additional charge. For lettering that has ZuksOffRoad.com and "your name" on each outer ring, the charge is $50 for cad work and $2 per letter in "your name".

You also have the option of putting "your name" twice on each outer ring at an additional charge of $50 for cad work and $4 per letter.

Uses 32 7/16" x 1.750 Grade 8 bolts on the 15" and 16" kits. Hardware is OPTIONAL

Material Thickness:

15" & 16" are .250" thick cold rolled steel

17" are .375" thick cold rolled steel

Installing weld on rings

Not an easy to install product. Repetitive welding and grinding required for a flat surface.

Usually ships within 2 weeks of your order. Shipped in a raw steel condition ONLY. Clean off with mineral spirits and paint using Rustoleum brand "Hammertone" paint for a durable finish.