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Part Number:EFI-KIT
Due to many delays form suppliers. These kits can take awhile to go thru processing and checking for perfect operation. If you can not wait do not order. 

Electronic Suzuki Fuel Injection for any Samurai

The MY-TBI is a complete system that requires some soldering and installation of a TBI intake, computer, harness, e-pump that we provide.

Kit includes;


TBI manifold

Modified harness

CEL light





hoses, barbs and clamps

EFI Valve Cover

fuel pump mounting bracket

MAP sensor

1.3 Mech-pump block off plate

1.6 O2 sensor

VSS reed switch installed in your cluster*

Ignitor, Distributor & Coil Pack**

*VSS will be installed in your Samurai cluster IF you ship it to the shop prior to MY shipping out a EFI-KIT to you. Other wise a VSS will be shipped with kit.

**VSS, Coil Pack, Distributor and Ignitor only sent with year/versions requiring those components.

NOT SOLD IN CALIFORNIA UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! If you reside in California you should use ONLY Petroworks.

Allow 6 to 8 weeks for kit preparation per order. If it takes longer I will provide a credit memo as a discount. Works with 1.3 8v and 1.6 8v engines. These are used TBI systems from 1989 to 1995 Sidekicks/Trackers & 1991 to 1995 Samurai. All used components have a 30 day warranty. New components have 1 to 10 year warranty. An 11 month extended warranty is available at an extra charge for the ECU and efi components. Add it up and you will see you get great value.


Talk to MY about package deals on engine conversions.Engine adapters, engine swap advice, aluminum radiators, headers, performance cams at the lowest price!

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