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ZOR "Motor Boat 1.6 engine mounts"

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The final solution for rubber isolating the taller 1.6 engines into the Samurai engine compartment. This kit only works on suspension lifted Samurai (oil pan clearance of the front axle). No more buzzing from solid mounts. The Motor Boats are WAY TOO adjustable in 3 axis movements for precise placement. No cutting of the hood or raising the body required to close the hood! Use your 1.6 mount on driver side and a 1.3 mount on the passenger side.

We know this kit is a PITA to install but once you have them "dialed into position" your going to love em! After installing a few dozen of these here at the shop for customers, I finally realized that the customers probably won't be removing them to install a different engine in a different Suzuki so we have been laying a weld bead across the inner and outer brackets once the bolts are tightened for the last time.

I designed these for ZOR engine swaps because we use all kinds of transmissions and had trouble with other mounts. The Motorboat keeps the 16 v stock exhaust manifold off the frame. Makes it easier (more room) to do PS and AC. Lowers the engine inches below the hood, ZOR wins the low center of Gravity war while keeping it vibration free.

Remember we are the daughter and pop company that works our asses off to keep you guys and gals wheeling on the weekends. If not in stock we will make them as fast as possible. Happy MOTORBOATING!

Best starter to use with this kit is 1992 Geo Tracker 2WD 5 speed. Its a stubby starter 1.5" shorter than other 1.6 starters.


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