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REAR Escort brackets
REAR Escort brackets

ZOR YJ SPRING BRACKETS for Wrangler springs.

Your Price: $199.00
Retail Price:$249.95
Your Savings:$50.95(20%)
Part Number:1-822

Choose Options

FRONT ONLY (+$100.00)
COMPLETE KIT (+$297.00)
Choose BEEFY U-bolt Options
4 U-bolts REAR AXLE ONLY (+$66.50)
4 U-bolts FRONT AXLE ONLY (+$66.50)
FRONT & REAR 8 U-bolt kit (+$128.00)
ZOR YJ hanger system w/Pinned Front Missing Link Feature
The best suspension for Suzuki Samurai are YJ conversions. 

$199 Price is for the REAR YJ shoe brackets and REAR SHACKLES with hardware.
ADD the FRONT pinned missing link system for only $299 more. 
OR select ONLY the front pinned Missing Link option.

MATERIAL: Steel is .187", .250" and .375" Cold Rolled. Parts are laser cut steel then folded on dual ram press for precision fitment. Not a lego type product where pieces are inserted into slots and a little welding is done. This is a Heavy Duty DELUXE product for YJ springs. Shipped in a raw steel finish only. FOR A COMPLETE EVERYTHING KIT please look at the ZOR Escort Deluxe. If you just need a few parts to finish up, most are listed below in related products.

INCLUDES: Samurai Frame bushings, hardware, spacers..

1) A release pin is pulled when you need full droop of the front shackle. When Pointing the nose up PIN the front Missing Link to prevent it from pushing the Samurai off the obstacle. 

2) Made to work with Toyota front axles without the need to move the perches in 3/8" Simply insert spacer to widen or narrow the YJ locating pin dimensions for Samurai or Yota mini truck axles.

3) Includes the super thick Daystar frame bushings.

4) Shackles are bolt on front and rear. ZOR Wings are WELD on only. It is how the car is supported safely NO BOLT ON wings here. 

Ship times are based on demand. ZOR is a custom shop introducing the most innovative products to enhance your offroading experience. 

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